Other Voting Info Organizations

The following are some of the organizations that say or said that they post unbiased election information on the web to help voters be more informed about what and who they can vote for.

Key for Focus Column
ISS = issues, ELE = election logistics (where/when/how to vote), CR = congressional races, STA = statewide races,
PRS = presidential race, GOV = gubernatorial races, LOC = local elections
1. About.com US Politics
uspolitics.about.com Phone: None found
Email: uspolitics@
1996 “The U.S. Politics site is designed to be a rich source of nonpartisan information about key political leaders, high-profile campaigns, important policy issues and electoral history.”

Last update: Jan. 27, 2013

(for profit)
The voter info is a small part of ask.com and the expenses of just the voter into work isn’t available Darline Jean ISS, PRS
2. Ballotpedia.org
www.ballotpedia.org Phone: 608-255-0688
Email: editor@ballotpedia.org
May, 30, 2007 “Ballotpedia began life as a neutral compendium of U.S. ballot measures. The organization’s coverage expanded to include candidates and general U.S. political information. Ballotpedia’s original scope was
information about what is on voters’ ballots, with emphasis on neutral data, to assist them in their
voting decisions. Though we have expanded our coverage, we continue to excel in that original scope.
For some candidates, Ballotpedia is the only place online where voters can find a general informational
article about a candidate not published by the candidate.

Our coverage of candidates, incumbents, and other, appointed political figures includes executives,
legislators, and judges from the federal, state, and local levels of government. We cover
elected federal and state officials. At the local level, we provide comprehensive ballot coverage for the
100 largest cities in the country and cover the school boards of the 200 largest school districts. We also
document all state ballot measures, as well as some local ballot measures.”

Last Update: Unknown

Leslie Graves, President ELE, CR, STA, PRS, LOC
3. CanIVote.org
www.canivote.org Phone: 202-624-3525
(National Association of
Secretaries of State)
Sep. 28, 1904 [Website is run by the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS)]

“Founded in 1904, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) is the nation’s oldest, nonpartisan professional organization for public officials. Members include the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more about the corporate affiliates that support this organization.

NASS serves as a medium for the exchange of information between states and fosters cooperation in the development of public policy. The association has key initiatives in the areas of elections and voting, state business services and digital archiving, as well as several well-established awards programs.”

Last update: Unknown

2011 $756,589 Ross J. Miller (President) ELE
www.campuselect.orgPhone: None found
None found “Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP) is a nonpartisan project that helps America’s colleges and universities get as many of their 20 million students as possible to register, volunteer in campaigns, educate themselves, and turn out at the polls. Focusing on administrators, faculty, and staff, and ways they can help engage their students, we worked with 500 schools in 2008 and over 700 in 2012!”

Last update: Jan. 27, 2013

None found None found Jonathan S. Romm ELE
5. Citizen Voice
www.citizenvoice.orgPhone: 916-503-3194
2003 “Our mission is to inspire, inform and involve citizens in the public arena on behalf of all, especially the vulnerable.”

Last update: Jan. 25, 2013

2011 $237,909 Gary Dietrich (President & Co-founder) ELE
6. Congress.org
www.congress.org Phone: 202-650-6878
Online contact form
2009 “Congress.org is a nonpartisan news and information website dedicated to encouraging civic participation.”

Last update: Jan. 14, 2013

[Website launch was sponsored by the American Beverage Association but the site is run by CQ Roll Call, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Economist Group.]

None found None found Mike Mills (CQ Roll Call Editorial Director) ISS, CR
7. e-thePeople
www.thevoterguide.org Phone: 650-391-8747
1999 “The conversations on e.thePeople explore the political issues we see in the news, rejecting the traditional spin and conventional wisdom that tends to fill the airwaves. We have built Quorum in a way that allows members to have maximum control over the topics and frames for discussion; it’s our attempt at a citizen-driven town hall.”

Last update: Dec. 28, 2012

2010 $257,462 Michael Weiksner ELE
8. electful.com
www.electful.comPhone: None found
None found “We started Electful.com with the goal of providing the most clear, comprehensive and unbiased coverage of politics and politicians available anywhere. We believe that the dividing nature of partisan politics is affecting media coverage and impeding relevant information about our current political environment. We intend to make it easier and more accessible for citizens to find the information that matters to them. We want to disenfranchise the dividing nature of “right” and “left” politics so that people will be voting not for their party, but for the best person to do the job and that politicians will not just be voting along party lines, but for what is best for our country.”

Last update: Unclear (copyright 2013)

None found (website is run by YourSource LLC) None found None found ISS, STA, LOC
9. League of Women Voters
www.lwv.orgPhone: 202-429-1965
Online contact form
1920 “The League of Women Voters is a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives. We operate at national, state and local levels through more than 800 state and local Leagues, in all 50 states as well in DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong.

Formed from the movement that secured the right to vote for women, the centerpiece of the League’s efforts remain to expand participation and give a voice to all Americans. We do this at all three levels of government, engaging in both broad educational efforts as well as advocacy. Our issues are grounded in our respected history of making democracy work for all citizens.
The League is nonpartisan, which means we don’t support or oppose candidates for public office. However, we are well known for hosting candidate debates and forums. We undertake this, and other important election work, because we believe deeply that the public should hear different views on the issues facing our communities and our nation. An honest and respectful sharing of ideas is vital to the functioning of American democracy.”

Last update: Jan. 2013

2011 $3,982,524 Elisabeth MacNamara (President and Chair) ISS, ELE
10. OnTheIssues.org
www.ontheissues.orgEmail: submit@
None found “Our mission is to provide non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election, so that votes can be based on issues rather than on personalities and popularity.

We get our information daily from newspapers, speeches, press releases, and the Internet — it is a labor-intensive process that requires countless volunteer hours.”

Last update: 2012

None found None found Dr. Naomi Lichtenberg (President & CEO) ISS, PRS, CR, GOV
11. PoliGu.com
www.poligu.comPhone: 832-385-9440
2007 “To provide a factual catalogue of representatives.”

Last update: Nov. 2012

None found None found Joshua Foxworth (President and CEO) ISS, PRS, CR, GOV
12. PresidentialElection

Phone: None found
Online contact form
1998 “PresidentialElection.com was founded in 1998 and intends to create a more educated and empowered U. S. voting public and a more responsible government by providing comprehensive, non-partisan, voter registration information service, information relating to political issues, and national get out the vote campaigns.

PresidentialElection.com believes that there is a need in U.S. society and on the Web for factual, concise, balanced information on issues for voters. In our Political Issues section, we intend to provide short summaries of differing positions on issues, next to each other so that viewers can see various sides together and make informed decisions about their own positions on the issues. We also intend to provide comprehensive information on candidates, from their voting records on issues to their campaign contributors.

We hope to be a place where voters and non-voters alike go regularly to find straightforward, useful, unbiased information related to politics, issues, and voter registration information. In the future, we plan to include state and local election information as well.”

Last update: 2012

None found None found Robert G. Wajda (Founder and CEO) ISS, PRS
13. ProCon.org
Phone: 310-451-9596
2004 “Promoting critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, primarily pro-con format.”

Last update: Jan. 22, 2013

2011 $702,682 Steve Markoff (Chairman) ISS, PRS
14. Project Vote Smart
www.votesmart.orgPhone: 406-859-8683
1988 (inc.)
2002 (web)
“At a unique research center located high in the Montana Rockies and far from the partisan influences of Washington, our staff, interns, and volunteers are working hard to strengthen the most essential component of democracy – access to information. Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, nonprofit educational organization funded exclusively through individual contributions and philanthropic foundations.”

Last update: Jan. 24, 2009

2011 $1,298,891 Richard Kimball (President/
Executive Director)
15. Rock the Vote
www.rockthevote.comPhone: 202-719-9910
Online contact form
1990 “Rock the Vote’s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country.

Founded twenty-one years ago at the intersection of popular culture and politics, Rock the Vote has registered more than five million young people to vote and has become a trusted source of information for young people about registering to vote and casting a ballot. We use music, popular culture, new technologies and grassroots organizing to motivate and mobilize young people in our country to participate in every election, with the goal of seizing the power of the youth vote to create political and social change.

The Millennial Generation is diverse and huge in number, making up nearly 1/4 of the entire electorate in 2012. This is both the challenge and the opportunity. Rock the Vote is dedicated to building the political power of young people by engaging them in the electoral process, urging politicians to pay attention to issues that matter to young voters, and protecting their fundamental right to vote. Our goal is to reinvigorate our country’s democracy and redefine citizenship for a generation in 2013 and beyond.”

Last update: Jan. 2013

2011 $1,521,688 Heather Smith (President) ELE
16. Smart Voter
www.smartvoter.orgPhone: 888-870-8683
(League of Women Voters of
California Education Fund)
1996 “Smart Voter is one of the most comprehensive and reliable sources of unbiased information for voters on the Web. The service is made available to the public through partnerships with the League of Women Voters and election officials of various states and local communities around the U.S. Smart Voter’s technology and central operations are managed by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund [LWVCEF], a non-partisan nonprofit organization.”

Last update: Jan. 2013

(League of Women Voters of California Education Fund)
$654,308 Ernie Ting (Senior Director),
Jill Kaiser Newcom (Executive Director, LWVCEF)
17. USElections.com
www.uselections.comPhone: None found
Email: None found
1999 “I am a registered independent. My goal is to offer you everything politics from 2012 presidential elections and 2012 statewide elections (plus primaries and caucuses) to frequently asked questions and US History. You’ll also find information on voting, national political parties, ideologies, new candidate registration & filing procedures, campaign finance laws and more.”

Last update: Nov. 12, 2012

None found None found Jeff Cohen (Founder) ELE, PRS, STA
18. Vote.gov
www.vote.govPhone: 844-USA-GOV1
Online contact form
September 22, 2000 Find information on registering to vote, how to vote, absentee and early voting, and voting on
Election Day. Locate your polling place and make sure you've registered to vote.
19. Vote411.org
www.vote411.orgPhone: 202-429-1965
Online contact form
2006 “Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in October of 2006, Vote411.org is a “one-stop-shop” for election related information. It provides nonpartisan information to the public with both general and state-specific information on the following aspects of the election process:
Absentee ballot information
Ballot measure information (where applicable)
Early voting options (where applicable)
Election dates
Factual data on candidates in various federal, state and local races
General information on such topics as how to watch debates with a critical eye
ID requirements
Polling place locations
Registration deadlines
Voter qualifications
Voter registration forms
Voting machines’ Last update: Jan. 25, 2013
(League of Women Voters Education Fund)
$4,474,015 (League of Women Voters Education Fund) Elizabeth MacNamara (President of the League of Women Voters of the United States and chair of the League of Women Voters Education Fund) ELE
20. Vote USA
www.vote-usa.orgPhone: 571-334-9668
Online contact form
2005 “Provide voters with information they needed to vote on a more informed basis and to provide candidates with the means to easily communicate with voters, free of charge.”

Last update: Nov. 2012

2011 $13,407 Ronald Kahlow (Director) ELE, PRS, STA, CR
21. ywcaVOTE
www.ywcavote.orgPhone: 202-467-0801
1858 (YWCA) “The YWCA is one of the nation’s oldest women’s organization and today represents more than 2 million women, girls and their families…YWCAs also actively participate in voter engagement and voter education activities including registering voters, handing out voter guides and election day information, hosting issues briefings and candidate forums, assisting people who wanted to vote early, and holding one-on-one conversations with women on the importance of voting.”

Last update: Jan. 25, 2013

2011 (YWCA) $4,188,043 Dara Richardson-Heron, MD ISS, ELE, PRS, CR, STA