Vision for the site – Collecting and disseminating the best voter info available anywhere

  • Goal: Build the best self-sustaining voter information website in the U.S.
  • Structure: 501(C)(3) public charity
  • The website would be entered by address, be easy to navigate, give straightforward comprehensive voting information, and operate on a strict non-partisan basis.
  • The bylaws should be so ironclad that it would take an Act of Congress (good luck with that) to have mission creep.
  • The board should be composed of engaged, smart people, balanced, staggered, and not concerned with fundraising, except perhaps to establish an endowment for future uses. The heads of the the national Democratic and Republican parties might want to be board members, and perhaps the head of the League of Woman Voters. A Senator from each major party would help to add oversight.
  • Other than seed financing, the site should pay for itself, based on paid ads purchased by the candidates for office and/or those for or against ballot measures.
  • Ad sizes for political campaigns would be uniform, but larger sizes may be offered for the presidential race than for congressional or other races. Ad space in each group would have minimally standardized info, much like what is on now. In the addition, the ads (costing, say, $100.00 and up) would link to the candidates’ or ballot measures’ websites – so isn’t responsible for updating their sites. Each ad size would have a maximum word count.